Who Are We?

Lalemi Energy limited RC NO 1476559 is an energy services business with expertise in marketing and distribution of clean energy in innovative, cost effective and profitable ways. We are a 100% fully indegineuos company positioned to take advantage of the emerging opportunities in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry.

Lalemi Energy intends to build a network which delivers 70% of household energy needs in Africa through a franchise system thereby creating new economic opportunities and empowerment for all our stakeholders.

To build mutually respectful and rewarding relationships while delivering value to all our stakeholders.

These are ideas, principles and qualities which we consider most important in our culture; they are the standards that determine our conduct and policies while achieving our goals.

Our values are derived from our strategic vision and below are the guiding principles by which we are committed to fulfill our vision.

  • GROWTH DRIVEN: We are passionately committed to the continuous growth of our people, businesses and markets all around the world
  • RESULT TROUGH TEAM WORK: While ensuring scalability, we effectively collaborate, always looking for more efficient ways to serve our customers.
  • EVERY PERSON, EVERY IDEA COUNTS: We are passionately committed to respecting all individuals and valuing the contribution of each employee. Every team members has a VOICE.
  • ACHIEVEMENT AND ACCOUNTABILTY: We are passionately committed to striving for excellence in all we do; we are accountable to operate in a financially responsible and operational effective manner.
  • TRUSTWORTHINESS: We are passionately committed to fulfilling our responsibilities with integrity when our stakeholders place their trust in us