Lalemi Energy Franchised Retail Dealership:

Lalemi Energy through its OneGas initiative intends to partner with 105 franchisees nationwide. We will in the long run install and operate a retail chain of mini gas plants across the country which will be effectively and profitably managed by our trained staff and prospective franchisees.
The idea is to create a reliable and efficient supply chain that will guarantee off takers for product reserves and generate multiple income streams while acquiring assets that will appreciate in time.

Bulk Gas Trading:

In other to make LPG available to industrial users and our franchisees,  Lalemi Energy will operate a fleet of bob tail trucks and retail vehicles so as to leverage our position as bulk buyers with the Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas (NLNG) company and Dangote Refinery.

Equipment Sales and maintenance support:

Lalemi Energy will continue to foster technical partnership relationships with the original equipment manufacturers of our skid units in Asia and Europe so as provide technical support and training for our staff and franchisees on the general maintenance of our equipments. This partnership in the long run aims to manufacture our skid units locally.

Lalemi Energy will also partner with local stakeholders i.e. the NNPC, the DPR and SON to invest in research and development with the goal of developing local content capacity and expertise to improve the quality of indigenous human resource pool available for the execution of the Nigerian Gas usage policy.

Energy Distribution capacity building training:

Lalemi Energy in conjunction with our technical partners and relevant government stakeholders offers human capacity building and training in Gas, equipment maintenance, safety, design, construction etc.

Haulage Services :

Lalemi Energy operates a professional haulage service with top notch fleet management capacity. our fleet includes new and accurately metered LPG bridgers, bobtails and tanker trucks for the delivery of products to our partners and end users.